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We design and deliver digital products that solve tough problems and enable new opportunities for enterprises in complex industries, such as banking & finance, healthcare and compliance.

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Recent works

We are proud to work with leading companies around the world to improve their ability to support and serve their customers and stakeholders through focused design and development

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Smarsh - Archiving & compliance solutions

We design solutions to work smarter, not harder.

We build enterprise applications that optimize efficiency. From customer service and  administration to collaboration and CRM, we deliver smart solutions that streamline workflows. We call this efficiency by design. 

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Custom solutions
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User experience design

Enterprise software development

We design customized user experiences that optimize workflows with beautiful, clean interfaces.

Using the latest development tools and languages, we develop web-based, iOS, Android, and cross-platform enterprise applications.

Depending on your specific needs, we provide design only, development only, or combined services.

Custom solutions

Industries we serve

We help shipping & logistics companies optimize and automate workflows to increase efficiency, global cost and revenue visibility.

financial services

We design and develop enterprise solutions that help some of the world’s top financial services and banking institutions improve internal processes & customer service.

Finance & Banking

Shipping & Logistics

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We design amazing user experiences that help  enterprise clients optimize efficiency.

How we do it

We are agile and lean, minimizing time-to-market with  flexible and efficient solutions.

Founded in 2006, with headquarters in Switzerland, we deliver each project with Swiss quality and reliability.

Our international design and development team brings  a global view to each engagement.

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User focused

Global perspective

Agile and lean

Swiss quality and reliability

The team

Our international team is comprised of experts in User Experience (UX) Design; User Interface (UI)  Design; Development; Business Analysis; Project Management and Quality Assurance practices.

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We know that selecting a design and  development agency is an important decision —let us help you make a great decision.

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Windmill group companies operate across a number of industries and locations

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Windmill Smart Solutions is a leading, digital design and development consultancy

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Nilaya is focused on wellness and the well being of all

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Windmill Ventures creates successful products from ideas

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Windmill Partners provides recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the fintech industry

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