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Thomson Reuters Development Community

The Thomson Reuters Developer Community team manages the portal where customers, partners and developers from across the FinTech industry can come to discover the tools, documentation, sample code, learning materials and community Q&A forums to help them work effectively and get the results they need from Thomson Reuters APIs, SDKs, tools, data and capabilities.

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Redesign the Developer Community platform to enhance its usability and appeal to both end user developers and content providers. The goals have been to increase engagement, get developers the information they need in a more efficient fashion, to encourage interaction and to facilitate the addition of a number of new features and content.

The project included UX and UI design.

Project Vision

““Killer” UI for the developer community site that did not require full site rewrite but that a) allows API providers to want to put their content on the community and b) enables developers to get their jobs done using the site.”

- Saori F., Project Manager.


- Improved navigation

- Make what is important stand out

- Create a visual data hierarchy

- Streamline and reimagine common workflows

- Maximize the value of the existing content

- Set a framework for new content

UI Design Goals

UX Design Goals

Make it easier for developers to get the information they need

UX Design Goals

In addition to the User Experience optimization, the designs looked to create a cleaner and more modern feel that incorporates the latest

Thomson Reuters corporate branding styles

Clarified the key workflows, use cases and content types

Working closely together with the Thomson Reuters Development Community team, we:

The Process

UI Design Goals

Crafted and iterated multiple design concepts – including prototypes

Clarified the key workflows
built design guidelines
understand existing pain points

Worked to understand existing pain points and future needs

Crafted multiple design concepts

Finalized and built developer friendly design guidelines

The Result
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The Result

The Thomson Reuters Developers Community team was able to deliver an enhanced user experience, based on the designs and guidelines developed with Windmill Smart Solutions, that was well received by both their developer users and content provider stakeholders.

“The team here saw this as a great opportunity and were given a great design to

implement. Your design has certainly accomplished what it needed to. The response

has been off the charts supportive. We are hearing "it looks professional" "clean"

"easy to use" "fast". Thank you."

- Christian P., Project Lead


“There is no doubt that without your work we would not have been able to deliver a

product which our Providers are able to use and expose to their customers. Our

success was dependent on your team's awesome designs, our working relationship

and the quick time to deliver.”

Saori F., Project Manager

- Christian P., Project Lead

“Highly recommend. Excellent. Responsive, high quality work, open and clear

communication, willing to partner with us to solve our needs.”

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