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Promoting thought leadership and industry analysis

Windmill Smart Solutions collaborated with MediaVillage to redesign their signature media publishing platform for promoting thought-leadership commentaries and exclusive content


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Rapid Prototyping

Based on the initial research and interviews, we rapidly created prototypes to validate our design directions with stakeholders, highlighting both the latest content as well as some editor selected channels and contributors.

Rapid Prototyping
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Featuring Brands

Each channel and contributor is a unique in the MediaVillage ecosystem.

Making reading efficient

A streamlined experience was designed giving individual users a single place to read the latest, most popular and featured content sets

Making reading accessible
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Modern visual style

A clean, modern styling (UI) was added that allowed the content and its related images and the logos of the channels and partners to really draw the attention of the users and aid in their visual navigation of the site

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Windmill group companies operate across a number of industries and locations

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Windmill Smart Solutions is a leading, digital design and development consultancy

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Nilaya is focused on wellness and the well being of all

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Windmill Ventures creates successful products from ideas

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Windmill Partners provides recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the fintech industry

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