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Windmill Smart Solutions worked closely with ONEaccess stakeholders to turn their vision into a modern design.

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About ONEaccess

ONEaccess is a content and interactions analytics hub that is changing the way the Buy-side and the Sell-side collaborate with one another.

About OneAccess

Lean UX design process

Utilizing lean UX design processes, continuous design iterations and regular stakeholder feedback allowed the team to rapidly produce testable design solutions.

Solving real Business challenges

Business challenges

Optimized for where the users are

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Future of buy-side / sell-side collaboration delivered

New York, January 23, 2017 — Visible Alpha announced today its acquisition of ONEaccess. ONEaccess is a leading corporate access, resource tracking and broker valuation platform with more than 185 contributing sell-side firms and 150 buy-side client firms.

ONEaccess has now joined Visible Alpha

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ONEaccess has now joined Visible Alpha

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