Our values


Be honest and clear

  • Maintain integrity and transparency with team members and stakeholders

Keep an open mind

  • Consider all points of view, don't be attached to one idea only

Exceed expectations

  • Strive to deliver the highest quality outputs that delight our users and clients

Test every assumption

  • Journeys start with assumptions but never end there, test each and refine

Make a positive impact

  • We selectively work on products that improve the world around us

Operate with empathy

  • Always focus on the users while strategizing, designing and developing products

Sunny Gambhir


Building products is my obsession and I am happiest when applying ingenuity and creativity to complex business problems to find simple solutions.

I combine my design, computer engineering and leadership skills with my passions for meditation, dance and mindfulness to facilitate design thinking and bring digital transformations across various specialized domains. This also helps me be always aware, to observe what is happening both inside and around and to be present in each and every moment.

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