Our values


Be honest and clear

  • Maintain integrity and transparency with team members and stakeholders

Keep an open mind

  • Consider all points of view, don't be attached to one idea only

Exceed expectations

  • Strive to deliver the highest quality outputs that delight our users and clients

Test every assumption

  • Journeys start with assumptions but never end there, test each and refine

Make a positive impact

  • We selectively work on products that improve the world around us

Operate with empathy

  • Always focus on the users while strategizing, designing and developing products
ceo photo


Sunny Gambhir. CEO

As CEO, I lead the Windmill Smart Solutions team to design, develop and deliver great products in collaboration with our enterprise and startup clients and partners.

I am a product designer with 20 years of experience in engineering and experience design. My team and I have developed successful product delivery processes to maximize the quality of all the products we produce.