Introducing the Windmill Smart Solutions Blog

Windmill Editorial Team Windmill Editorial Team , November 1, 2018

Windmill Smart Solutions creates great experiences for our clients. We design and develop smart solutions that address challenges and enable new opportunities for enterprises and startups around the world. We are excited by technology and design and have created this blog to share our thoughts.

The Windmill Smart Solutions blog posts will be informed by our team’s years of experience in strategy, design and development across multiple domains. Our thought leaders and domain experts will contribute to our blog and examine areas such as strategy, design, development, new technologies and project management. We’ll write about things such as key concepts and methodologies, impacts on various industries, trends, myths and ways to overcome specific challenges.

We hope that you find the posts to be interesting and informative.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the specific posts and the topics we cover, so please contact us with any comments, questions or ideas.

Be sure to continue to check regularly for new insights from the Windmill Smart Solutions team.


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