Great digital products need great engineering.

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Solution Architecture

  • Future-proofing of the technology solutions with solid foundation frameworks which can adapt to future enhancements and integrate with existing and new technology infrastructure. We build in scalability and carefully consider product performance with emphasis on thread safety, memory, CPU & utilization.

Quality Assurance

  • We follow best practices throughout the software development process. We begin quality assurance at the earliest stages of development for cost-efficient delivery and maintain quality control throughout the build lifecycle. We start with clear acceptance criteria, and always ensure rigorous manual tests, but true quality is underpinned by automated testing. We like using Karate framework, JMeter, Cypress, and BackstopJS.


  • We obsess over data security to ensure critical assets and infrastructure are protected. Our extensive work with private banks ensures that security is in our DNA. Our IT security standards are based on international standards and include a Software Development Policy in addition to a large range of other ISO 27001 controls throughout the organization, encompassing not just code, data and devices, but also our people and processes with extensive on-going training and audits.

Pixel Perfect Front Ends

  • By building what we ourselves have designed, our teams are best equipped to deliver final products that perfectly align with original concepts and prototypes. It is a special point of pride for us - and our engineers thrive on the technical challenge.

Agile Development Team

  • We follow an agile development philosophy and automate continuous deployment to consistently improve our products, increase efficiency, and accelerate time to market. Our teams, or “squads” cover everything you need to ensure designs and goals are met. Product Owners, Engineers and QA are at the core, supported as needed by Designers, Scrum Master, Architect, DevOps.

Engineering Expertise

  • Building products end-to-end requires full-stack expertise. We follow best-in-class development practices, with our engineering teams specializing as follows:
  • Front end: HTML/CSS, Angular, React, iOS, Android, Flutter
  • Backend: Microservices-based applications built on Java and Java technology frameworks including Spring Boot, JUnit, JDBC, JPA and Hibernate, and relational and non-relational databases.
  • Cloud: We are agnostic and have automated deployment to and maintained products on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, as well as client on-premise. We create and run pro-active monitoring using tools like Grafana and Prometheus.
  • CI/CD: Jenkins with Bitrise for mobile
  • Quality: Static code analysis with tools like SonarQube, unit and integration testing using JUnit, with relentless code reviews and refactoring as needed.


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