Case Study

Simplifying the collaboration between buy- and sell-sides

Windmill Smart Solutions worked closely with stakeholders to turn their vision into a usable solution connecting buy-side and sell-side customers.


To create a better experience for both buy-side and sell-side firms and enhance their ability to reach the right partners


The Windmill team utilized design thinking methodologies, starting with understanding the customer needs and gaps and supported by continuous design iterations and usability testing.

Finance, Markets & Trading

In-depth interviews
Prototypes and wireframing
Visual design and branding
Usability testing


Our Client has been fostering improved collaboration between brokers and their clients, and its sell-side solutions have brought greater efficiencies and transparency to the distribution, control, and reporting of broker content.

Through a single access point, sell-side clients can easily streamline the distribution of broker content per their respective entitlement rules and format the interactions data for comparison and analysis.

For buy-side clients, we helped firms efficiently discover corporate access events, track their consumption of research and corporate access interactions, and carry out quantitative broker evaluation.

project screenshots
Lean UX design process

Utilizing lean UX design processes, continuous design iterations, and regular stakeholder feedback allowed the team to produce testable design solutions rapidly.



The client team was able to deliver on their goal to show their vision for the future of buy-side / sell-side collaboration.


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